I look forward to working with you.

Hi. I’m Dr. Angela, ND
I also have a B.Sc in Nutrition,
And I’m a pretty great coach.

Over the years I’ve learned that there are often obstacles standing in the way, preventing healthy changes from being sustainable.  It takes creativity and teamwork to overcome these obstacles. 


Being a naturopathic doctor isn't just about supplements, diet, & lifestyle. 

It's about guiding you along on your path,

and sometimes,

it's about walking right along with you through the tough stuff.

It's also about using medical knowledge to help you use natural health products safely.  There are a lot of medications out there, and I can help you understand yours.  

After all, we don’t just want good health, do we?  That’s only the beginning.  We want to be happier, have excellent relationships, and move forward professionally.   We want to be free from the triggers and thoughts that hold us back.    

We want to be in 'thrive mode',

not 'survival mode'.

As For What’s On My Resume, Here Are a Few Items of Interest

I’ve lectured within my own ND profession about the link between the nervous system, muscle & joint pain, and traumatic life experiences.

I’ve written articles for ND association publications,

on both a provincial and national level.

I’ve had the privilege of appearing on local television several times 
to talk about mental health.

I’ve sat on a number of Boards of Directors over the years including the North Huron Family Health Team (Board Chair), Brantford’s Equal Ground Community Gardens (Secretary), and the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (Vice Chair).

I work with your vitality and your natural healing processes.

Want More Specifics?  Watch The Video.