When you define yourself 

by what you do, 

            when you don’t do, 

            you aren’t. 

When you define yourself 

by what you have, 

            when you don’t have, 

            you aren’t.  


Define yourself

            by your nature.

By precept and example I strive to inspire, teach, and empower others to grasp their true potential and thrive accordingly


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Hi.  I’m Dr. Angela,  B.Sc. (Nutrition),

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2008.

I’m a teacher by nature.  

I liberate vitality,
I liberate your natural healing process,

I liberate physical strength, 
self-confidence, and quality of life.

My favourite part of being an ND is empowering people to manage their own health.    

I do this in a number of different ways, depending on what a person needs.  

It’s important for you to know that I speak fluent “medicine”.  

Speaking fluent “medicine” means that I know my way around your body’s mechanics, and how a medicine is going to affect you. 

By “medicine”, I mean anything that affects the body’s mechanics.  

That can be a prescription, an herb, a vitamin, or an over-the-counter substance.   It can even be food or a form of exercise.  

This is about keeping you safe.  

After all, there are lots of hazards on this planet.

Lets figure out how to thrive despite those hazards.