This is the one and only recommendation I’ll make for everyone.

A glance at this title might frustrate

some of you.

But I’ve been depressed
And I’ve had anxiety attacks
I’ve had no time
And I’ve been under pressure

In my youth I was quite the athlete.
Then life happened.
I didn’t have the time or the energy.

My health and happiness declined.
I started to feel like a car that needed to be traded in.

Low quality sleeps, body aches, unpredictable moods, no attention span, chronic headaches, apathy.

10 hours of sleep a night wasn’t nearly enough.  Weekend after weekend on the couch recovering from the work week.

The problem was the state of my nervous system. It was wound up 24-7, though I certainly didn’t feel wound up.

One day, when I was feeling particularly cornered by life, I replaced 1.5 hours of my sleep time for 1.5 hours of exercise time. By “exercise”, I mean body stretches, and if it was a good day for me, a short walk. 

I soon discovered that 1.5 hours of 
stretching was better than 1.5 hours of sleep, and my days started to get easier.  

Eventually, stretching turned into “beginner yoga”.  Which turned into “intermediate yoga”.

Which turned into walking
Which turned into jogging
Which turned into skiing along the side of a country road.

The workouts were bringing my nervous system into wound down mode.

It was a way to unload.  Like a bowel movement for the nervous system.

As the months passed, 
I started to laugh and make wise-cracks.

I started noticing things, and stopped zoning out during conversations.

I could digest meat again

and eat salads again.

I came back to life.

I still have health issues. 

But I manage them, they don’t manage me.

If I don’t have it in me to change into workout gear, I don’t.  

I do lots of exercise at work, but that’s not a workout, and it does nothing for the nervous system.  It’s work, not play.

If you’re capable of getting outside, 
count your blessings.

If physical activity upsets your stomach, talk to me about it.

If you can’t do the things you want,
Let's figure out what you can do.

It doesn’t matter what you do for fun.
Just have fun.